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>>>  $25 Bus Tickets  <<<

Everyone loves a bargain and The Florida Express Bus is pleased to offer $25 Bus Tickets on many of our most popular trips! No coupon codes needed! We guarantee that the LOWEST possible fares in our system are available EVERY Wednesday. No restrictions on the number of seats or any other mumbo jumbo like that. When you're ready to buy your ticket - simply start by opening the Online Ticketing System

Advance Purchase is necessary and the key to guarantee low fares and seating availability. The fares below are valid nearly every day of the year. No coupon codes needed! TO GET THESE FARES YOU MUST BOOK ONLINE IN ADVANCE! Check these deals out:

Miami to Orlando Bus Tickets Start at only $25!

Departure Arrival Duration Trip Number
7:30am 11:59am 4h, 29m 202
10:45am 5:45pm 7h, 0m 301
11:30am 3:45pm 4h, 15m 206
11:50am 5:00pm 5h, 10m 201
12:10pm 6:30pm 6h, 20m 304
2:00pm 8:45pm 6h, 45m 302
2:30pm 6:45pm 4h, 15m 209
8:00pm 12:15am 4h, 15m 205

Orlando to Miami Bus Tickets Start at only $25!

Departure Arrival Duration Trip Number
5:00am 9:15am 4h, 15m 100
5:10am 11:20am 6h, 10m 101
5:30am 12:45pm 7h, 15m 300
8:00am 12:15pm 4h, 15m 109
12:00pm 4:15pm 4h, 15m 108
1:15pm 8:00pm 6h, 45m 303
6:15pm 12:30am 6h, 15m 305
8:00pm 11:59pm 3h, 59m 105

Orlando to Ft Lauderdale Bus Tickets Start at only $25!

Departure Arrival Duration Trip Number
5:00am 8:15am 3h, 15m 100
5:10am 10:00am 4h, 50m 101
5:30am 11:30am 6h, 0m 300
8:00am 11:15am 3h, 15m 109
12:00pm 3:15pm 3h, 15m 108
1:15pm 7:30pm 6h, 15m 303
6:15pm 11:59pm 5h, 44m 305
8:00pm 11:15pm 3h, 15m 105

Ft Lauderdale to Orlando Bus Tickets Start at only $25!

Departure Arrival Duration Trip Number
8:45am 11:59am 3h, 14m 202
11:45am 5:45pm 6h, 0m 301
12:30pm 3:45pm 3h, 15m 206
12:30pm 5:00pm 4h, 30m 201
12:45pm 6:30pm 5h, 45m 304
3:15pm 8:45pm 5h, 30m 302
3:30pm 6:45pm 3h, 15m 209
9:00pm 12:15am 3h, 15m 205


All of our $25 Bus Tickets are Station to Station which means you will be picked up at one of our Station Locations and dropped off at one of our Station Locations. Advance Purchase is necessary. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PASSENGERS WITHOUT RESERVATIONS! 


We are very excited about our new service that we will be offering starting in December! We've been working on this for a long time! We're going to be staffing select trips with On-Board Attendants whom will be serving Drinks, Snacks, Meals and even Champagne on-board to make you comfortable! Make sure you Like Us On Facebook to be kept up-to-date! Check our our On-Board Services Menu!



Experience The Florida Express Bus Difference!