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Fort Pierce - The Florida Express Bus Transportation

The Florida Express Bus is pleased to offer Bus and Shuttle Transportation in Fort Pierce. Our service is quite popular and we often sell out, especially on the weekends. You will want to ensure that you book your tickets in advance, not last minute. Here are a few of our most popular destinations from Fort Pierce:

  • Fort Pierce to Boca Raton
  • Fort Pierce to Cocoa Beach
  • Fort Pierce to Fort Lauderdale
  • Fort Pierce to Jupiter
  • Fort Pierce to Kissimmee
  • Fort Pierce to Melbourne
  • Fort Pierce to Miami & Miami Beach
  • Fort Pierce to Orlando
  • Fort Pierce to Palm Bay
  • Fort Pierce to Port Everglades
  • Fort Pierce to Port of Miami
  • Fort Pierce to West Palm Beach

Station Locations

Station Locations may vary depending on which trip you travel on. When you go through our Reservations System, you will be able to choose which station you want to depart from and arrive to.

Private Shuttle Information

Sometimes our scheduled shuttles might not meet your needs. Did you know that we also offer Private Shuttles that run on your schedule and will pick you up and drop you off anywhere you specify? For more information and rates on our Private Shuttles, please click here.

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