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  • The Florida Express Bus, Florida’s Official Civilized Bus, Minibus and Shuttle Van Transportation Company, is pleased to offer low fares each and every day. Our fares start at just $25.00 each way per person. To get the best fare, book early. The Florida Express Bus encourages our passengers to book up to 1 year in advance for the best availability and prices. No surprises or hidden charges – the fare you see in our reservations system is the lowest possible fare offered.

  • Sometimes getting to a station location may be a challenge, so we offer Door Pick Up and Door Drop Off service on some of our trips and those are options we offer as an alternative to our Station Locations. For an additional fee, we will pick you up and/or drop you off at your Home or Hotel. The additional fee ranges between $15 and $25 per person depending on your location. Our reservations system automatically calculates the fare based on your zip code. If your zip code is not a part of our service area, you will receive a message indicating such. If this service is available on your trip, you will see that while making your reservation. It is not available on all trips.

  • The Florida Express Bus offers discounted rates for groups that desire to travel in a private shuttle. The best benefit besides lower fares per person are the fact that YOU determine the pick up time, pick up location and drop off location. You can even customize your trip with Red Carpet Services such as Beverages and Snacks to make your journey even more enjoyable. Find out how you can get your group’s own vehicle today.

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Shuttle Types & Onboard Services


The Florida Express knows the importance of being able to take what you need with you when you travel. Our shuttles are designed to accommodate a lot of luggage, however, the more luggage, the more weight the shuttles carry and the more weight means more fuel.


In order for us to keep the low fares you enjoy, We never guarantee a certain shuttle type. For example, if a particular trip only has 10 passengers booked, we will not be sending a 56 Passenger Bus.


>>> What Kind Of Shuttle Will I Be On For My Trip? <<<


The Florida Express has three types of shuttles:








>>> How Do I Know Which One I'll Be On? <<<


Due to the nature of our business, it is impossible for us to guarantee which type of shuttle you will be on. We utilize all of our shuttles for all trips. We assign a shuttle based on many factors include load factors. All of our shuttles are very comfortable and offer similar onboard services.


>>> Is There A Bathroom / Restroom Onboard? <<<


Our Motorcoach Bus Fleet has onboard restrooms, however, our Minibus and Vans do not. That said, our drivers make scheduled rest stops about every 90 minutes or upon request.


>>> How Much Does The Wi-Fi Cost? <<<


Absolutely nothing. Feel free to use Wi-Fi with our compliments.

Note: Wi-Fi is not available on all of our fleet.


>>> Are Beverages & Snacks Available? <<<


We do offer shuttles that enable us to offer passengers a "Buy-On-Board" program which will offer snacks and lite meals in addition to beverages. For more information, please see On-Board Services


>>> What Can I Expect Once I Board The Shuttle? <<<


The first thing you can expect is to be greeted by a friendly and professional driver who will assist you with boarding and your luggage. The next thing you can expect is to board onto a clean and comfortable shuttle. All of our fleet is cleaned daily.


>>> What Kind Of Passengers Ride The Florida Express? <<<


Many of our passengers range from local residents to tourists. A large majority of our passengers are folks who hate driving and see the benefit in taking a shuttle rather than driving or flying. You will most likely meet many people who are going on a cruise or just got back from one. The average fare ranges from $25 to $75 which is the most economical way to travel in Florida. You'll be in the company of smart travelers.



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