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>>>  Orlando to Miami Transportation  <<<

Travel from Orlando to Miami with fares ranging from $25 to $75

Orlando to Miami Transportation One of our most popular routes is from Orlando to Miami. Many passengers take our bus or shuttles from Orlando to Miami as part of their Florida Vacation. Miami is home to Port of Miami Cruise Ship Terminal, and Miami's South Beach. We offer many options for transportation from Orlando to Miami, including Port of Miami and Miami Intl. Airport.


The distance from Orlando to Miami is about 250 Miles and the estimated travel time from Orlando to Miami is about 4 Hours and 30 Minutes to close to 6 Hours depending on the time of day and traffic. Our Transportation from Orlando to Miami runs everyday!


We offer daily shuttles from Orlando to Miami:

Departure Arrival Duration Trip Number
5:00am 9:15am 4h, 15m 100
5:10am 11:20am 6h, 10m 101
5:30am 12:45pm 7h, 15m 300
8:00am 12:15pm 4h, 15m 109
12:00pm 4:15pm 4h, 15m 108
1:15pm 8:00pm 6h, 45m 303
6:15pm 12:30am 6h, 15m 305
8:00pm 11:59pm 3h, 59m 105


>>>  Ready To Book Your Ticket to Miami?  <<<


>>>  Orlando to Port of Miami Cruise Transfers  <<<

We offer daily transfers from Orlando to Port of Miami Cruise Terminal. If you're going on a cruise in Miami and needing to get to Orlando, we offer daily shuttles to all hotels in Orlando. Fares are $45 for Orlando Station Locations or $75 to be taken right to your home or hotel.


>>>  Disney World to Miami and Miami Beach  <<<

We offer several daily shuttles from all Walt Disney World Resorts and Hotels to Miami and Miami Beach. Fares range from $25 to $75. We have station locations near Disney, or you can book an Orlando / Kissimmee Door Pick Up and we will pick you up at your Disney World Hotel.


>>>  Orlando to Miami Airport  <<<

We are pleased to offer 5 daily shuttles from Orlando to Miami Airport. We will pick you up at your Home or Hotel in Orlando and take you right to Miami Airport! 


Private Group Transportation Rates from Orlando to Miami

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